Back chamber effect (Oris Horns)

by fu_man @, Friday, March 08, 2013, 13:22 (1746 days ago) @ Don Reid

I know that for purists such as Bert and probably most of the members of this forum think using a DSP device such as the DEQX is a sin and a destroyer of good sound. I beg to differ.

heh heh, thanks for your reply and good on you! I'm sure they don’t think it's sin... they simply don't agree and share their opinions about it (being a destroyer of good sound!) And our gracious host Bert certainly has lots of opinions...for which I am always so grateful that he shares so generously here. I admire the way he works away developing new ideas then shares them so ridiculously freely. He is magnificent!

Now, I am particularly interested in your views on the DEQX... as I am also a DEQX owner! Except that I pretty much gave up on it! Not because it destroyed the sound or anything like that... i just found it too hard to work out how to use the bloody thing! Actually I still really liked it as my DAC.
I know the assistance with set up is far better these days and I'm fairly confidant I could get a lot further with it if i tried again. However right now my hifi is decommissioned. For me, listening to music is far too much of a solitary pursuit at the moment while i have a young family.

I'm still keeping my horns though and one day, maybe soon i'll be back getting the gear going again.
Hhmmm ...maybe a floor space infinite baffle project..?

PS sorry all for not keeping on topic.

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