4 inch compression driver from 300hz without XO. (BD-Design)

by avaarni @, Sunday, January 02, 2022, 11:26 (837 days ago)

Hi all and happy new year

I came across with a speaker from Tobian Soundsystems. Model 15HF uses mid-high Compression Driver 4.0" without mid-high crossover. I find this interesting since according to the site it goes down to 300 hz. I wonder the manufacturer of this driver. Any ideas anyone? Or experiences with larger compression drivers. Oh, on the side note I found the prices from Norweigian site of these Tobian speakers and if they are correct they are out of my league anyways...


Bert this post not to meant advertise those speakers so if you feel so you may be delete my post. Just being curious of the driver there.


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