Thoughts about my DIY Orelino (BD-Design)

by avaarni @, Thursday, December 16, 2021, 11:41 (854 days ago)

Hi all

Not many people know that I have a DIY version of Orelino speaker (also I am not Michael Caine)...just a little joke there :lol:

The reason of this post is to let people know how good of a speaker Bert's Sigma is. I am little bit late I know! I heard those speakers at Bert's place years ago. It took me a good while to understand what I heard back then. It was hard to accept how different the sound was compared to full range drivers with Oris horns (I have owned them before). I had an certain expectation which in a away was my mistake.

Since then I have heard many expensive speakers and I can say that not single one them had the same neutrality as Sigma speakers. In Sigma's case neutrality does not mean boredom! I think that was the hardest pill for me to swallow before I could understand how good Sigmas are. I remember saying Bert at his place while listenging that "maybe add some warmth" but that comment was only because I was used to hear something like full range drivers and totally different bass section of the speaker.

I am a slow learner, yes I know that. During these years with the memory of the sound of Sigma at the back of my head I tried to achieve something "like" Sigmas although now I see that I will never reach that. First I needed to accept the Orphean horn with BMS drivers will never going to be like full range driver so I stopped trying to make them sound anything else that what they are. That is why I wanted a DIY version of Orelino. Before that I had BD15 in REF2010, different open baffles for the bass, even backloaded horn with fostex to drive 60 hz to 250 hz (which was very nice match with Orphean horn!). I have now three Beyma SM 112/N drivers per side in separate baffle (not attached to the wing section). So at least in paper that should be ok. I remember Bert saying that making DIY version of Orelo or Orelino you achieve about 70% or something of a original Bert's Orelino. That may very well be the case.

What I've learned also is that you just can't throw Orelino horn in with some bass speaker and hope for the best. You will probably achieve only a fraction of what Orphean horns can sound - tuned filter for the bass is the key! Room plays also a huge role - what is nice though is that you can listen Orphean horns at very close distance and so your room won't destroy the sound.

All in all I think Bert's has achieved something very special. Maybe someday I can afford to get Sigmas bass section until then I can only try and tune my diy Orelino :D

These are my thoughts, please take them as they are - they might be wrong and if not that at least ramblings of a mad man.

The picture attached is my DIY Orelino.[image]

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