Revelation questions (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Friday, June 18, 2021, 19:52 (1034 days ago) @ Boyan

Hi Boyan,

What would be the best crossover point for the bass

This depends on the horns used on top... but more important is to EQ the deeper bass for more output.

Beyma PA drivers have a relative low QTS meaning that the bass is dropping faster than a high Qts driver. Furthermore the Revelation is an open system suffering from cancellation between the front of the driver and rear as with all open panel systems.

Both drop-off's should be EQ-ed and the best way to do that is using DSP.

Should one wire the speakers that are in dipole configuration with reverted phase?

All in the same positive phase...

What would be the sufficient power to drive the 8 speakers, if one uses the beyma 112n?

The same for all 8ohm drivers (15 or 12"); If you have only one amplifier per channel then the best way is to connect the opposite drivers in parallel and both bottom and top sections in series, this way the amplifier has 8ohm as load.

If you have an Hypex or miniDSP ICE plate amp for each channel then you can use both internal amps, one for the top section and one for the bottem section. Both these amps then see 4 ohms load which they can handle just fine.

And last, are there plans for the 15 inch version?

Yes, there is but then you'll loose the empty space at the bottom where you can now mount the DSP-Plate amp to drive the bass section.


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