Orphean Driver Question .......... (BD-Design)

by Kevin @, Minneapolis, Saturday, December 07, 2019, 16:33 (522 days ago) @ Bert

My Orphean system does sound great, and I believe it is close to optimal.....So, it was more of an academic question, and as audiophiles, we like to Putz.

I did download the REW software this morning, and I'll have to dig out my Behringer Mic, and another box called a Mobile Pre-USB from about 10 years ago when I tried to measure... I do remember getting results that were hard for me to interpret. I also remember getting vast differences by just a very small movement of the Mic. But I'll take another go at it. This was before I had the Orphean System, when I was using Altec Horns and Drivers.

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