Hello all (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Friday, February 12, 2016, 10:36 (706 days ago)

Hello forum members,

Bert has just granted me access to this forum [thank you Bert].

My name is Nico, living with my family in The Netherlands.
Building audio projects from the age of 12 ,I learned a lot and also learned a lot about how NOT to do things.

Reading about audio, going to audio-shows and having a bunch of good [honest] audio-friends helps me to enjoy this hobby for many years already.

The car-audio virus caught me for a while, resulting in participating at car-audio shows during the late 90's. We had a lot of FUN in those days building the most crazy installs in our cars... ending up using eight 15 inch Cerwin Vega woofers with 1,5Kw of power in a small sized car to give you a example. At 17Hz this moved enough air to get things moving in a radius of say 100 metres ; we really were crazy back then.

After that I went to home-audio again and ended up with big hornsystems like the Heritage line from Klipsch and Altec Lansing models, using from flea powered amps to massive monoblocks. All this time my wife helped dragging big heavy things in [ and out] of the house; she's the Jackpot for every audio-crazy man.

My ears are still fine, thank you; every year I have it checked and it's still far better than most people my age.
Enough introduction.

Last week I stumbled upon a set of Oris 150 horns and decided to try them. They came without drivers and my idea is to get a pair of Tangband W8-1772 ;they have good reviews from many people using them with these horns and they are affordable.

Probably this combo will match better with the ACR eckhorns than many horns already tried....

Anyway, hope to learn from you guys and will try to contribute when possible.

Hello all

by Gasper @, Friday, February 12, 2016, 13:07 (706 days ago) @ Nico

Hi Nico,

First of all WELCOME!

Check out first if the driver you want to use fits in Oris 150. I think some cheaper Fostex will fits too - maybe check out Showroom first. The sound is different even between Lowthers...

Do you have any idea about bass you want to use? Since you are familiar with multiple 15s at once I wonder what will be your choice :blush: Perhaps nothing comercial available will do the job and you will have to DIY.

I wish you all the best and if any help needed do not hesitate to ask... :yes:



Hello all

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Friday, February 12, 2016, 18:35 (706 days ago) @ Gasper

Hi Gasper,

Thanks for the welcome.
Advice on drivers is appreciated while I have not bought any yet, I'll search some more here for info.

For bass I have the ACR "Eckhorns" which are like the Klipsch cornerhorn [Klipschorn] but then better.
I allow myself to make that statement while I have owned Klipschorns and experienced the difference with these ACR's firsthand.

From what I read this combination will play very good with the Oris.
For some years now I use a active system with muliple amps, tried passive crossovers again and switched back to active never to go back again.

Especially the cornerhorn delivers a mighty bass but has to be tamed though with a DSP for best results. If you ever heard a active driven cornerhorn it's hard to go back to other bass-speakers.

So the Oris will also be driven active, enough amps to try out here for best results.


Hello Nico...

by Bert @, Friday, February 12, 2016, 21:25 (706 days ago) @ Nico

... nice of you to come by and welcome! :hi:

The Oris 150 is basically the basis for all Oris horns. It has the lowest cut-off frequency of all and therefore the biggest one.

Except for my experimental Oris 150 with 2" throat of course which is more that 1m deep...:cool:

Many drivers will work OK in the Oris horns where one needs more tweaking than the other. I am not sure in what state you've received your horns but is should be complete to be able to try all options... (open, closed, damping materials, etc.)

Drivers; many options from Fostex through Lowther up to AER. I have no personal experience with the Tangband but I do hear good reports from people liking them a lot.

I would say start somewhere and share your experiences! :yes:

Glad to read that your wife is fully supporting your hobby as well! :grin:


BD-Design - Only the Best!

Hello Nico...

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Friday, February 12, 2016, 22:26 (706 days ago) @ Bert

Thanks Bert,

Glad to be able to get some help with this new adventure.
The Fc of the Oris is actually way lower than any of the other midhorns I tried with the Eckhorns.
This means I can now cross over lower than ever before, using the basshorns only for waht they do best; play bass.

If there are members who have the same combo I'd like to hear from them for sure!

Picture from both Klipschorn and ACR eckhorn in storage a few months ago before we moved to our new home.

Hello Nico...

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 01:23 (702 days ago) @ Nico

Hi Nico,

I have had Oris 150 horns for more than a decade. I tried the best of the Lowther drivers in them, but I never realized their true potential until I put AER MD3 drivers in them. That combo is dazzling.

Hello Nico...

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 07:28 (701 days ago) @ Don Reid

Hello Don,

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding drivers for the Oris Horn.
We just moved to a new home, so budget does not allow purchasing the drivers you mention at this time.
It can well be that we'll end up using those drivers though over time.

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