Ordered the MiniDsp Amps - Bert, what Crossover Recs? (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 12:43 (81 days ago) @ Kevin

I can certainly measure, but I've got to start somewhere before I can measure. That's why I was asking.

In that case you can start measuring without any crossover settings and see what you've got ... just be carefull with the volume when you start measuring.

From there just mirror the slope you measure from the Orphean and have that curve crossing at -6dB (wherever that frequency is).

Check in- and out of phase where you should see a major dip at that frequency "out of phase" which assures that both (bass and Orphean) are optimal in phase when you invert the phase again.

Both curves should then complement each other for a linear curve.

If there is still a dip then move the crossover point higher, when there is a bump then lower it...

Play with this until you have the optimal settings and start to listen ... :smile:

With your system I would tweak the above from 2m distance.

Have fun!


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