BD15 drivers (BD-Design)

by RLRB, Saturday, March 23, 2024, 10:28 (85 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert,
i think ripoles work well till 120 hz or so, i cut at 163 hz lr24 and fullranges Oris 150-Aer are crossoverless. i think 163 hz is too high and in that frequency is not optimal, i have been years thinking in adding another way from 80 to 170 hz aprox in closed box and 8 inches Seas Excel.
When i went to Munich i found what i was looking for, Vox 9.87 added a midbass module to cover that hole (crossover point).
i also listened to a 18 inch ripole from SoundKaos with was crossed at 80 hz, i liked also.
Later i listened an onken with GPA drivers and liked a lot. i have a sublime sound with Oris 150 and bass is in an lower league.
Putting bd15 in closed box or Onken does not give much bass but i have not tried (ondy modelled)

wich way would you take

I have some videos in youtube,


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