Upgrade Your Older AER BD3s (BD-Design)

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 18:43 (473 days ago)

About one year ago I noticed cracks appearing in the foam surrounds on My AER BD3 drivers. I had had them for seventeen or eighteen years at that time. I had always been really pleased with the sound of the BD3s and had no desire to replace them so I made contact with Mr. Keller at AER in Germany about replacing the surrounds. Instead of just replacing the surrounds he told me that he had made such progress in improving the AE3s in the years since I bought mine that he would completely rebuild the drivers reusing nothing but the baskets and the magnets.

I shipped the drivers to AER by FedEx and after a pleasantly quick turn around of about three weeks I received them back at my home in Georgia, USA.. Total cost including shipping was a little less than $4,000.00. Though visibly and sonically still AER BD 3s the new drivers were very very much improved. My son who has good ears visited from out of town. Without telling him about the driver rebuild I played a CD for him, and he asked me if I had a new better DAC.

The rebuilt BD3s have greater resolution providing more musical detail, improved transient response and even better than ever dynamics. I imagine other audiophile superlatives would apply, but suffice it to say that for once I made a change in my system that wrought a dramatic improvement. If your BD3s are getting old I suggest you call Mr. Keller at AER and discuss a rebuild. You will get back new better drivers.

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