Celestion Axi2050 (BD-Design)

by Wilson1, USA, Saturday, November 05, 2022, 14:40 (589 days ago) @ avaarni

Hi Antti... I set my high pass filter at 250Hz using a LR-48dB/Oct just to safegard the driver from low frequency info. As far as a comparison to the BMS I will preface saying that I have used the BD modified BMS for years and have really enjoyed it. The AXI is smoother across the full 200-20KHz range but does not have as much energy in the 12k-20KHz range and does require an EQ pole to boost a bit. With the EQ boost the top end sparkle is awesome without being aggressive. The midrange is smooth and liquid with better low-midrange integration I suspect that is due to the lack of a crossover (the AXI is full range 200-20kHz. The clarity is just next level I'm discovering new information in recordings I have listened to for many years.

FYI, I have listened to the AXI in the new Klipsch Jubilee and in the older commercial Jubilee and the AXI through Bert's Oris easily betters either Klipsch application.

I just could not be happier.

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