Filter settings hypex Ref2010 Oris250 (BD-Design)

by basschecker @, Rostock Germany, Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 19:08 (430 days ago)

A few weeks ago, I was able to purchase a preowned pair of hypex psc 2.400d.
This pair has been build into a housing and slightly modified by Martion, for powering a pair of active bullfrogs.
I bought it, hoping to achieve a decent upgrade from my previous setup, which was an Adcom GfA 555II and a minidsp for my Ref 2010 with BD 15, connected to my Audio Note M1 Phono preamp. On the second Pre-Out of my Preamp, a pair of Oris 250 with AER BD3 with an Uchida 2a3 are connected, directly, without any filter/capacitor.
Now I am searching for a bespoke filter setting for this combination.
Could anybody suggest me something proven?
Regards, Martin

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