Shunting Bass out of Horn Amplifer ? ......Bert ? (BD-Design)

by Kevin @, Minneapolis, Saturday, March 27, 2021, 22:47 (461 days ago)
edited by Kevin, Saturday, March 27, 2021, 22:59

So, I was on another Audio Forum and I mentioned my Orphean System with my 45 Amplifier powering the Orphean Horns and I was asked:

"What do you do to keep the bass out of the 45 amplifier" And I do nothing.... The response was the following....

Even though you have a passive crossover keeping the bass out of the horn, if you don't do something to keep the bass out of the 45 SET amplifier the load line for the mids and highs will follow an elliptical load line because of the presents of the bass. No gapped output transformer has enough inductance to properly deal with low bass frequencies. This leads to distortion of all the frequencies.

Try this, add your best .0015uf capacitor in series with the 100Meg input impedance of the 45 amplifier. I like the Russian Silver mica caps.

This will create a 6db high pass filter at about 100Hz and greatly improve that amplifiers performance in the mids and highs without changing your 270Hz crossover point. The load line for the mids and the highs will become much more "resistive" leading to less harmonic distortion.

Have you heard of this? --- What do you think?

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