plate metal surface (BD-Design)

by basschecker @, Rostock Germany, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 20:56 (698 days ago)

Saluti maestri,

this is a surface/laquer/varnishing-question.

I have been a silent reader on this forum for quite a long time now.
This is my first post.
Please look at my profile for further information.

I purchased a pair of Oris 250 horns about four years ago and I´m a very pleased listener.
My bass cabinets are Ref 2010 with BD 15. They were a nice and challenging DIY project. (Awesome huge pile of routing dust). Thea got a beautiful macassar-ebony verneer.

Now my question:
The horns didn´t see any varnish until now, and now it´s time to change this.
And because I can´t decide for a colour, I wanted to ask you, what you think about hammer blow copper.
First I would spray the whole thing with primer, then rattle can spray the back tubes with laquer and after that apply thin copper plate metal with mixtion on the horns.
At the end, clear laquer for a smooth surface and corrosion prevention.
Do you expect any dramatic drawbacks in sound?
Anybody has experience with that kind of surface?

Regards, Martin

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