Alternative drivers for DIY Orelo (BD-Design)

by Wilson1, USA, Thursday, May 14, 2020, 00:04 (1110 days ago) @ RB

Hi RB... You will have no issue with the wave guide, the neo motor structure is quite powerful and the lower impedance makes them easy to drive to very high output levels.

My story is that I used the BD15 for a long time and when upgrading the enclosures I dropped one and the magnet shifted and trapped the voice coil. In the interim to finding some BD15's on the used market I purchased the Faital on the recommendation of a speaker specialist. I sent him the BD15 specs and graph and he recommended 3 different drivers with the Faital 15PR400 being his strong preference. He had personal experience with the driver and indicated that the midrange 100 - 800Hz was outstanding. So... I ordered and installed and really like them and they do have a much better & stronger +3db midrange. I later did find some BD15's and installed, went back and forth between the two for a few weeks and decided to stay with the Faital.

I think the BD15's may be a bit flatter in response below 50Hz as I get a bit of energy with the Faital at 45Hz that I attenuated via crossover change. For me a good trade off for the improved >100Hz midrange performance. It's much easier to take energy out than add energy (boost) at a certain frequency.

Have fun and do let me know how it comes out. If you want a listen I'm in NJ-US.

Best regards

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