Orphean Driver Question .......... (BD-Design)

by Kevin @, Minneapolis, Thursday, December 05, 2019, 23:17 (781 days ago)
edited by Kevin, Thursday, December 05, 2019, 23:36

I just happened to look up the Specs on the Orphean Drivers now and saw that the Freq. Response of them was 300-22KHz --- I have got my Hypex Crossovers set at 270 Hz. --- Is this a problem or am I not understanding something here (Probably)? Should I set them at 300 Hz. ?

2" Coaxial Neodymium Compression Driver
Features :

Extended Bandwidth (300 - 22000 Hz)
Neodymium Magnet Assembly
With two subsystems in one, each Driver covers a smaller Frequency Range for increased Power Handling, high Dynamic and extremely low Distortion
Excellent Phase Coherence
Perfect Time Alignment without Problems of Multi-Source Interference
Ultra light Weight
8 or 16 Ohm

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