New member, Oris 150 with Aer bd3 and ripoles 4 bd15 (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Tuesday, November 05, 2019, 11:20 (812 days ago) @ RLRB


A question: i am afraid that at loud volumes the driver Aer can be damaged?

Everything can break in time but I am sure your ears will suffer sooner... assuming that you use the Marchand crossover to take away the low frequencies from the AER driver.

wich awg do i need to join the + and - poles of ripole?

I am not sure I understand the question but if this is about phase (in phase or inverted phase) then trial is the best way to go. The open Oris 150 and the open ripole have phase and anti pahse lobs so how to connect depends on the interaction between both.

I would start in phase and listen to low male voices or instruments in the lower midrange (the crossover range). Then change and listen again, the most full sound is the better setting.



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