FE206En drivers (Drive Units)

by Bert @, Wednesday, September 18, 2019, 21:19 (290 days ago) @ Arshad98

Hi Arshad,

Welcome to the club!

I’m planning to order the Fostex FE206En from Bert. My plan is to have the Dallas II enclosures built to house them, rather then the Fostex recommendation BK-20.

I would go for the Dallas II for sure.

Later of course I’d like to some woofers for bass.

The horns are relative long and will go deep enough for most music so you can hold on for a while with the woofers.

I read that it’s better to use super tweeters with them. Also read vendors are selling some sort of network correction to tame the high and mid frequencies.

A supertweeter migth technically improve the highest frequencies (dispersion) and correction networks do not only "correct" but also take away good things...

Best is to start with the FE206 in the Dallas II and listen at 5-10 degrees off axis or point the drivers to a point behind your head (1-2m).

Listening on-axis gives the feeling to use some sort of correction but off-axis this will be less neccesary.



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