RMAF-2019 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) (BD-Design)

by Wilson1, USA, Saturday, September 07, 2019, 22:40 (300 days ago)

Hi Bert... Just finished 2 days at RMAF-2019. Wish you were here. Good show but I think smaller than last year and frankly I think the upcoming Capital Audio Fest Nov-1 has displaced RMAF as far as low power / SET equipment. I think the two best sounds at the show was the Boenicke W8's and the Klipsch AK-6. Yes I have a full range / horn preference. I am however after now going to order the Orphean M5 from you as I think the extended top end and leading edge transient speed will be an upgrade for me from the Oris-150. And the slightly more compact size is a plus. You have an email from me to confirm the purchase.

Thanks Bert for keeping us SET horn guys going! Will you be at any of the shows this coming year? Frankfurt, UK, US?

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