Hypex current offerings ................. (BD-Design)

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Friday, August 16, 2019, 19:17 (323 days ago) @ Wilson1

I can second the MiniDSP. I am using it as the crossover for my compact reference base cabinets. Very easy to use and fantastically flexible. Just put inline between your preamp and amplifier for the base cabinets. Of course I am running the Oris-150's full range.

Wilson1, I am curious what advantages you find from running your Oris 150s full range. I am using a DEQX HDP-3 DSP to cross over from corner horn bass bins to Oris 150s driven by AER MD-3s. After years of experimentation I found that the smoothest frequency response, best phase response and most pleasing sound resulted from crossing over from bass bins to Oris 150s at 200 Hz with 100 dB/octave slopes. There is also the theoretical advantage derived from relieving the drivers in the Oris 150s from trying to reproduce the deep bass frequencies.

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