Oris 200 - Redo - and a Question..... (BD-Design)

by Kevin @, Minneapolis, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 12:46 (388 days ago)

OK, we have re-worked my Friends Oris 200 System and things are sounding pretty good.
We now have a Crown Class 'D' Amp with an active crossover built in for the Bass Amps. We have the signal running off his pre-amp. The Crossover is set to 200 Hz presently. I constructed a Crossover for the Oris 200 Horns with a 39 uf Cap in Series and a 4.7 mH conductor in parallel to each Horn. And we are also getting the input signal from his pre-amp.

My Question; because of this 2nd order crossover on the Oris Horn, should the phase be reversed on the Oris Horns?

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