150 Crossover and w8-1808 crossover advice (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 06:16 (388 days ago) @ DrewH

Hi Drew,

Question: what was the position of the mike during the measurements?

What I see is too much bass (level) and too much output of the bass driver above the crossover point. The effect can clearly be seen by the changes of the frequency plot when only the midrange is playing and when also the bass gives output.

My guess is that you'll need a steeper slope to reduce output above 200Hz which will be difficult with a passive solution.

Best way to start is to measure both bass and horn seperately at the same position to see what both outputs look like. The trick is to mirror the output in the crossover range in a way that both curve looks the same in the crossover range both visible crossing -6dB which will be the optimal crossover point.

Next step is to flip the phase of the bass or horn and measure. The deeper the dip the better in phase the signals will be when all is connected in phase...

Measure at 1m distance with the mike at the same heigth as the lower edge of the horn while you sit on the listening position. You should see the mike at that position from your listening spot.

Noise: this is because your main amp makes to much noise which is amplified by the bass amplifier. With too much output this will be even worse... find a more silent amplifier or use a pre-amplifier to feed both the main amp and bass amp seperately.


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