150 Crossover and w8-1808 crossover advice (BD-Design)

by DrewH, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 00:24 (388 days ago)

I am working through my project on my Oris150 horns. I had them painted Toyota Tundra 1794 Sunset Bronze Mica (4U3) love the color. When the sun comes through the window they are beautiful.

Using Tangband w8-1808 in them in conjunction with some eminence alpha 15a's mounted in an open baffle design that came from http://www.quarter-wave.com/OBs/OB_Theory.html.

The first thing I learned! Never listen to your speakers before they are broken in. (I tried to skip that step and was very disappointed.)
Now that they are broken in they sound great!

I am a newbie to crossover design. Attached is a picture of some of the measurements that I did with REW. I am using a subwoofer amp that is turned down to the lowest volume setting and the eminence still seem a little high. The sub amp is older and has a lot of hum. I want to switch over to a passive low pass filter and a different amp any thoughts or recommendations on crossover. Does 159hz seem like the correct place to cross?

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