Oris 150 Build FINISHED (BD-Design)

by Wilson1, USA, Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 00:55 (302 days ago) @ Wilson1

Well... Finally finished over the weekend and have started tuning. Thanks very much to Bert for the awesome Oris 150 Kit, everything fits perfectly and is high quality.

Hard to see in the pictures but the horns are painted bronze and the base enclosures are semi-gloss black w/ bronze flakes. Looks really good in person but was really difficult to do. I purchased the bronze paint and oxidizing patina chemicals to make an aged bronze look but the non patinaed paint looked so good I decided to skip the patina all together.

Here is the system:
PS-Audio BHK Signature Pre
PS-Audio DSD DAC w/ Network streaming bridge
PS-Audio Digital Memory Player
Coiencident Frankenstein-II 300B monoblocs
Crown K2 Amplifier (for the base enclosures)
MiniDSP 2x4HD (used as a crossover for the base enclosures)
Oris-150 main speakers w/ AC2.6 drivers (running full range)
BD-Reference Compact base enclosures w/ BD-15 drivers


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