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by Bert @, Thursday, May 09, 2019, 20:15 (328 days ago) @ Kevin

I am helping a friend of mine with a pair of Oris 200 speakers that he bought used. He's owned them for about 15 years, but has moved and is setting them up again. When he got the speakers, the seller made the following comment:

"When you use the filter remember that the
bass signal should be out of phase from the Oris signal ( just reverse
the connections on both bass bins)."

Could you shed any light on why this might be necessary?

It depends on the bass system used. Is it part of the advised total combination in those days then this comment relates to that specific situation. Did your friend buy the complete setup from the seller?

I am not sure which filter you're talking about though, is it the filter you wrote about a few days ago that is NOT connected? Is that filter supposed to be connected as advised by the seller to the Oris horns?

A reason for connecting the bass or mid-high horn out of phase could be when a 2nd order crossover is used which shifts phase 180 degrees... flipping phase makes that 0 or 360 which is then in phase.



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