Bi-amping Power for Khorn Bass Bins (Tweaks)

by Bert @, Thursday, May 09, 2019, 20:09 (334 days ago) @ mflaten

How much power is needed to bi-amp the Klipschorn (104db/1w/1M) bass bin with a Class D amp such as the Hypex? Is too much power a detriment since a Class D amp has the highest distortion at lowest output.

You do not need much power for the Klipsch to play loud enough but good enough to control the woofer. You can't have too much power but if you pay extra for more than needed would be a waste of money.

I would not worry about the distortion of a Class D-amp in the bass section, more should you worry about DSP (latency and digital processing) which has far more influence... and yet, very acceptable results can be achieved but please not use it ever above 250Hz or so where the ear is still less sentitive to distortion.



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