Orphean M5 'Just Right'.......... (BD-Design)

by Jeroen, Monday, October 16, 2017, 11:54 (97 days ago) @ Kevin

Are you running your Bass Bin amps off of your Power Amp or your Pre-amp? --- The best thing I did after getting my Orpheans was to run the Bass Amps off of the pre-amp.

I run the bass amps (Hypex) off my power amp, because I couldn't get enough amplifaction via the preamp directly. At the moment I replaced the tube amp in the signal path to the Hypex amps by Solid state amps in order to get a more firm bass sound. I leveled the amplification of the solid state amps with the 300b amp for the horns. This setup works pretty well.

SET amps usually have a hum that is hard to tame (As you probably know), and running the Bass Bins off the power amp transmitted the hum to the Bass Amps and amplified it to an annoying hum from my Bass Bins.

It took me years to get a clean, hum and noisefree sound. (rebuilding the preamp, dedicaded AC current for analog and digital, etc. etc. Of course the quality of your playback system is really importent with such sensitive speakers as the Orphean horns.

My system is quiet now and I can only hear any noise at all if I put my ear up to the speakers themselves.


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