Some questions about the the 150 (Oris Horns)

by George, Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 23:18 (179 days ago)

Hi Bert,

I have some questions about imaging and width of sweet spot with the Oris horns. I've read a lot of reviews but some say that they have a very narrow sweet spot and some say they're not so bad. Currently I'm using the Fostex FE206ES-R drivers in a back loaded horn and have modified them for use with phase plugs. I have the speakers ever so slightly toed in and they sound fine both in the sweet spot and a quite a bit off axis. The room is about 3M wide and 5M long with the back of the room opening up to a much larger one with a vaulted ceiling. The drivers are approximately 98db efficient.

What efficiency should I expect (I'm currently using a 45 SET amp) and will the horns affect the size of the sweet spot? I sit well back from the speakers (approx 4M) and the Oris will be even closer to the rear wall so I'm hoping that the distance will help the integration of the sound. The horns (center of driver) will be approximately 1M from the side walls.

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