BD15's, amps and equalizer for sale (BD-Design)

by Eddie @, Sunday, January 01, 2017, 23:55 (205 days ago)

Hello all,

My best wishes to all of you for 2017.

I have two BD-15's for sale. They are 10 years old, but they look and sound as new. I used them with Shuro High Amp100b amplifiers (build around the 100W TDA7293 MOSFET). You can find a lot of information on, follow the link 'Bastanis open baffle' to see the boxes I made. Only the wooden front part is left over by now. It comes for free if you collect them (or for shipping cost). The curved back part is taken apart, its weight was more than 100 kg and the finish was very poor. The amps, see 'HighAmp 100 bass amplifier', are also not built into a nice case because they were not in sight.

My Behringer DCX2496 is also for sale, works excellent as bass equalizer (I don't have a microphone with it).

Kind regards,

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