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by Bert @, Saturday, April 16, 2016, 15:34 (673 days ago) @ Nico

Thanks to you all, especially you Bert for your assistance during my adventure with the Oris 150 horns.

My pleasure Nico, I am sure we will see you again one day soon... :grin:

After spending enough time to evaluate the difference between the Oris and my old Altecs, I switched back to the Altecs.

Although more "easy to the ears" than the Altecs, the Oris were a bit too laid back for my taste.

It depends on the driver used... you seem to be more a Lowther guy reading your descriptions about the drivers you've heard in the Oris horns so far.

It's time for me to give the old combo a better appearance and settle down for a while. Maybe until a set of orpheans pops up for sale which also use compression drivers....

Those are not 2nd hand for sale too often I am afraid but perhaps you should hear them yourself first? Perhaps you do not like those either and then it will not teasing you in the back of your head all the time... :yes:



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