Hello Nico... (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Friday, February 12, 2016, 21:25 (706 days ago) @ Nico

... nice of you to come by and welcome! :hi:

The Oris 150 is basically the basis for all Oris horns. It has the lowest cut-off frequency of all and therefore the biggest one.

Except for my experimental Oris 150 with 2" throat of course which is more that 1m deep...:cool:

Many drivers will work OK in the Oris horns where one needs more tweaking than the other. I am not sure in what state you've received your horns but is should be complete to be able to try all options... (open, closed, damping materials, etc.)

Drivers; many options from Fostex through Lowther up to AER. I have no personal experience with the Tangband but I do hear good reports from people liking them a lot.

I would say start somewhere and share your experiences! :yes:

Glad to read that your wife is fully supporting your hobby as well! :grin:


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