Hello all (BD-Design)

by Nico, The land of wooden shoes, Friday, February 12, 2016, 10:36 (737 days ago)

Hello forum members,

Bert has just granted me access to this forum [thank you Bert].

My name is Nico, living with my family in The Netherlands.
Building audio projects from the age of 12 ,I learned a lot and also learned a lot about how NOT to do things.

Reading about audio, going to audio-shows and having a bunch of good [honest] audio-friends helps me to enjoy this hobby for many years already.

The car-audio virus caught me for a while, resulting in participating at car-audio shows during the late 90's. We had a lot of FUN in those days building the most crazy installs in our cars... ending up using eight 15 inch Cerwin Vega woofers with 1,5Kw of power in a small sized car to give you a example. At 17Hz this moved enough air to get things moving in a radius of say 100 metres ; we really were crazy back then.

After that I went to home-audio again and ended up with big hornsystems like the Heritage line from Klipsch and Altec Lansing models, using from flea powered amps to massive monoblocks. All this time my wife helped dragging big heavy things in [ and out] of the house; she's the Jackpot for every audio-crazy man.

My ears are still fine, thank you; every year I have it checked and it's still far better than most people my age.
Enough introduction.

Last week I stumbled upon a set of Oris 150 horns and decided to try them. They came without drivers and my idea is to get a pair of Tangband W8-1772 ;they have good reviews from many people using them with these horns and they are affordable.

Probably this combo will match better with the ACR eckhorns than many horns already tried....

Anyway, hope to learn from you guys and will try to contribute when possible.

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