Picture of the Orphean newer style (basically old already... (Orphean)

by robert @, Monday, April 27, 2015, 11:00 (2669 days ago) @ robert
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I have a bigger tube that means it go's further over the flare and that should dampen the horns even more ?
yesterday i take the lead bags off the horns and the sticky pads also
only the sticky pads already working !
and i quick put it back it is dramatic was it do
It is so much better with damping!
i think this is a very good thing to try on the horns.
I have the lead bags also on the short oris 150 that loads the BD15 but here is the effect not so big
on the Orphean with its higher freq, its BIG.
and i think that this damping is enough maybe you can also over damp the horns and then the sound get worse i don't now.
I put a few months ago for 1200 euro Deulund caps in my system and it was worth it i am very happy with the upgrade
but the lead bags have a greater impact in the better sound direction.
and cost almost notting :grin:

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