dampen the horns (Orphean)

by robert @, Sunday, April 26, 2015, 15:59 (2660 days ago) @ Don Reid

Hello Don
Did you try it ?
for me it is no doubt it is a big upgrade
i wonder how it sounds as i damp more
Bert was saying not fix the horns a rigit construction is not good
i can understand that but when you get the "ringing" out of the horns it sounds so much better i find.
You can hear it when you hit the horn edge with a knuckle a little dampen this sound is a lot better for the music
it clears up you get more details even more micro dynamics and a deeper soundstage.
I have at the moment no guts to try these on the backside of the horns :smile: because its a one way direction i can't go back
with the lead it is easy
But maybe in the future who nows :cool:
same as Goto do in a extreme way

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