dampen the horns (Orphean)

by robert @, Monday, April 20, 2015, 19:56 (2666 days ago)

Hello i try to dampen the horns and it is a big change in sound
the sound is more precice better details coming thru and gives a deeper soundstage
did someone try this before?
I did it with dive lead (soft lead)
and use a car anti slip mat the mats cost 79 cents and i buy the dive lead second hand for 7 euro /kg
i use the Orphean and the ref 2010 bass cabinets with the front horns
and i put 2 bags on watch horn so total 8 kg,

I like to here if someone try this before and if someone will try this and tell his experience with this
you can use also sandbags
i try it first with pillows and that is also working.
when you tap on the horn you can clearly hear it


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