REF2010 DIY (BD-Design)

by Gasper @, Monday, January 19, 2015, 17:53 (1098 days ago) @ Bert

Dear All,

I must admit that this design is the best BR enclosure I have ever heard. It was once said to me that design is something between BR and closed box...:cool:

I purchased it in the 2010 as a kit version and it was 100% joy to buitd it as a DIYer.

What it is also very important is that I have had ALWAYS 100% SUPPORT from Bert including XO settings for Hypex.

Here is final version of it:

I wonder which "other" driver is appropriate for REF2010? The only thing what is "wrong" in this picture is that there is "just" one BD15 not 4...:bass: :drool:

But since I am a horn fan and want to have big speakers (bass in the first place) I am waiting to hear new developments from Bert soon...:yes:

Kind regards,


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