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by Bert @, Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 14:02 (3162 days ago) @ Kevin

I was wondering, in your opinion, how low I could safely cross over my Current Drivers on my Midrange horns. I am using the Altec 288-16K drivers with Altec 1005B horns. I am currently running them from 400hz. to 6,000 hz. I am using either 45 tube amp (1.8 watts) or 2A3 tube amp (2.3 watts).

Below 500Hz the drivers are not loaded at all according to the specifications on the list you provided (no resistance to highly reduce diaphragm movement and increase efficiency) meaning that distortion will get very high. The drivers will not burn out with 2.3Watt at 400Hz but playing below the horn cut-off frequency is never good...

\sqrt{2} \times fc=1.414 \times 500 = 707
where fc would be the 500Hz ground frequency of the 1005B horn ... for highest efficiency and lowest distortion (no matter which driver is used)


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