200/150 back chamber depth (Oris Horns)

by Bert @, Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 09:29 (2610 days ago) @ Butcus1

Hello Butcus1,

I'm conducting a series of ongoing experiments and would like to know what to expect if I were to extend the back-chambers on my horns. The drivers are AER M3. - Thanks

Major effect is that you will lower the Q of the frequency response of the system and lowering the frequency of the impedance peak. Depending on the used bass system this might work out well or not at all...

For the Q of the frequency response it would be better to have a smaller rear chamber (lower volume) for the AER but then the pressure behind the driver will be higher and paper coned drivers (AER, Lowther, Fostex, etc.) do not like to be pressurised and then will give more distortion. The present volume of the horns is for most use the best compromise but you could find it to be different.

In your experiments, do try to leave the rear open too and see what this will bring to you.



PS. Do not forget to report back though...!

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