Applying 150 to a 15" bass driver (Oris Horns)

by Bert @, Wednesday, June 09, 2010, 09:19 (2749 days ago) @ Butcus1

Hi Fonz,

I was able to get a pair of 150 horns from the friend of the guy that sold me speakers, he also had a router system and was able cut mounting rings. The one thing he couldn't find was the back chambers (still looking). We finally glued the horn to the ring and mounted it over the 15" Klipsch driver. There was a different sound of course, I did lose some of the articulation and noticed a decrease in volume. I fixed that by turning up the bass amp.

I am not sure if I understand the experiment... did you mounted an original Oris 150 (with 8" throat) in front of the Klipsch 15" bass driver?

I am surprised to learn that is helps but as far as I know id that the EBP is not going high enough in frequency to be helping where it needs...

The whole idea behind using the Oris 150 for bass (which is not a bass horn to begin with) is to give an optimal behavior at the crossover frequency (220-270Hz) but then with cut throat. This works extremely well with the BD15's and should work the same with similar driver's TS-parameters.

Does the absence of the back chamber make a big difference in the sound and volume?

Ehhm, used as "bass" horn?

If used as horn in front of a full range driver is does make a difference with the advantage to load the horn further down in frequency making it possible to use it properly down to 150Hz. With open back the lower crossover frequency will be closer to 210-220Hz due to cancellation.



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