Fore Sale - Prototype bass enclosure... (BD-Design)

by Bert @, Sunday, March 07, 2010, 10:36 (5241 days ago)

...for using as subwoofer table...


...or if you want me to make you another one like this and use it as high quality bass system...


Or the same but then doubled (stacked) as MTM bass tower or line array... :cool:

Not kidding about the sale as I do not have the space for it myself. This one for sale will not be available before the end of next week though, I do need to play around with it a little while longer... :grin:

In case of interest for this prototype:

Prime quality Birch Ply althrough (except front and rear panel)

Size - 543 x 695 x 975mm designed for using BD15's but other suitable 15" drivers can be used too (with mounting depth maximum 148mm!).

Empty weigth 50kg(!) and tuned to 32Hz (or lower if you prefer)

After this I'll continue with the new DIY bass system...promise! :yes:


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