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by Bert @, Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 09:59 (3170 days ago) @ Hifido

Welcome Hifido,

I am looking to join the oris horn club. The problem I have is the size of my listening room 12ftx12ft. I think I would like to use the 250 horn as this has a smaller dimention than the others.

It does not matter which horn you choose for the small room as both can be listened from close range and can be placed in the corners. The depth of both horns is equal...

The 150's are a bit more easy to integrate due to their lower crossover frequency but the 250's sound a bit more open if used with full range drivers.

Does anyone have any thoughts which would be the best bass cabinet for use in my space?

In such a small room you do not need too much output so basically you can use several options. What to use depends a bit on the horns used on top where the quality of the bass becomes more important when the crossover frequency is higher.

Also driver selection for bass? for horn. compression or fostex, lowther, etc?

This will be my first horn system.(so I would like cost to be under control) I am a fine furniture maker so any woodwork is not a problem. Also these horns are to run with type 45 mono-block amplifiers.

In combination with your 45 amps and the short listening distance I would opt for a Lowther (DX2 as minimum) with either the Oris 250 or 150 horns. For bass of course an active system using the BD15's but then in smaller reflex enclosures than original (120liters internal volume). You could even use only one bass system as directivity in the bass in such a small room does not have much effect on the imaging...


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