Oris DIY issues (Oris Horns)

by madcologne @, Thursday, March 26, 2009, 10:39 (3223 days ago) @ antonio

Hi Antonio!

How do you solve the problem with the 1.8 meter delay of the Klipsch horn? At 180 Hz cross over frequency the delay would be one period. Without any digital time delay the bass would always be behind the rest... :confused:

You also should try to boost the signal below 30 Hz with a low shelving filter to get it down to 20 Hz... it's worth it! :dance:

I also use a 300B to drive the Oris horns and I think it's a perfect combination: :ok:


The Orpheus amp (Bastanis) actually is a tuned Lady-Day 300B amp with finest components. I have three sets of 300Bs to choose (TJ, JJ and Sovtek) and the TJs are by far the best (and the most expensive of course):wink:

Another project of mine is a WE91 replica with some NOS components, so I'm also going to try a 310A as driver tube. I'm curious if this will bring some improvement in compare to the Sylvania 6SL7, I just have to finish the wiring :yes:


I have one more point to add, if you don't use the transparent Phase Plugs from Bert, GO FOR IT!
It's really worth every cent! Bert did a great job by designing it... and they look beautiful! :clapping:


so long...


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