Oris-Ultra-Reference (Oris Horns)

by madcologne @, Thursday, March 19, 2009, 22:20 (3195 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert!

Thank you for your detailed description of your system, can you share some pictures too? Always nice to see... :good:

Sure! But actually I don't have a fixed system, it's more like a bunch of DIY speakers and amplifiers: :iNocent::


Although the picture isn't even one year old, the small 2-way speakers and the Voigt Pipes are gone and instead there's a big unfinished 3-way speaker and a small digital 2-way monitor speaker system.
I guess I'm spending more time for developing speakers than to listen to them... :pardon:

But the Oris System is my reference... with great margin to all others!:yes:

Here a picture of the HEXFET amp:


Mmm, I guess you never heard a properly set-up Ultra system or even the Swing?

You are right Bert. And I'm 100% sure they sound great and even better than the Avantgarde Speakers!:good:
But I'm not sure if they can beat the Klipsch horns in the sub bass area.
In combination with your ultimate monster bass at home it won't be a problem, that's for sure... :pleasantry:

If you ever come to Holland for holidays or for no reason at all then feel welcome at my place (Nunspeet, not too far from Köln) were it should be possible to give you a good listen. :cool:

Thanks for the invitation! I had this in mind since I bought my first Lowther drivers (seven years ago!) but I never got the chance to do it.
But I won't forget it when I'm in your area next time and maybe I bring some Kölsch...:party:



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