Oris-Ultra-Reference (Oris Horns)

by Bert @, Thursday, March 19, 2009, 18:53 (3195 days ago) @ madcologne

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your detailed description of your system, can you share some pictures too? Always nice to see... :good:

If you want to have a fast Bass that fits to the speed of the Oris horns then you'll also have to use a horn system there. Avantgarde for example has the same problem with their 'smaller' systems, the only combination which sounds 'complete' is the TRIO with the bass horn subs. But it's much to expensive... :shame:

Mmm, I guess you never heard a properly set-up Ultra system or even the Swing?

Keywords for those is integration and fast bass... :yes:

...and for normal prices.

If you ever come to Holland for holidays or for no reason at all then feel welcome at my place (Nunspeet, not too far from Köln) were it should be possible to give you a good listen. :cool:



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