Oris-Ultra-Reference (Oris Horns)

by madcologne @, Thursday, March 19, 2009, 09:35 (3196 days ago) @ Steve M

Hi Steve!

If you want to have a fast Bass that fits to the speed of the Oris horns then you'll also have to use a horn system there. Avantgarde for example has the same problem with their 'smaller' systems, the only combination which sounds 'complete' is the TRIO with the bass horn subs. But it's much to expensive... :shame:

My solution is a combination of an ATK (Klipsch) corner horn and the Oris 150 with an AER-DX4 driver. The critical part is the crossover! First you have to time-align the bass to the Oris horns which comes to a difference of about 2 meters because of the folded bass horn. This ends up in a digital crossover with either IIR (behaving like analog filters) or FIR (linear phase) filters. The difference between the filtertypes is really huge, especially in the bass area. IIR filters are still 'ringing', even if you use them aroung 150 Hz. But with a really sharp FIR-Filter (700 bins) at 160 Hz the crossover became seemless.:good:

I also wasn't really satisfied with my bass amplifier. I tried out several principles from a Ultralinear tube amp (to much 'body') to a class-D digital amplifier (not enough 'body'). The best solution was a self-made HEXFET solid state amp with 70 Watts per channel. :ok:
The last step was the room correction and this really was another BIG improvement. I've measured huge peaks and holes between 30 and 90 Hz which were corrected by narrow notch and band pass filters. After an additonal boost at the area below 30 Hz I got a flat frequency reasponse between 22 and 155 Hz (-3dB) for the bass.:dance:

So Steve, feel invited if you ever come close to Cologne (Köln).:drinks:
You won't regret it!:wink:


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