Renewed Orphean MkII filter (Orphean)

by Bert @, Friday, September 21, 2007, 20:41 (5443 days ago) @ Cappy

Hi Cappy,

Good work, Bert. I like the idea of an external crossover. I was
wondering how I'd be able to reuse the Dueland caps.

Thanks and you're welcome...

So the new -6 db point is 270 hz. What is the current -6 db point?

220Hz and steeper than 24dB (not optimal for proper integration) with less sensitivity than the new filter. 2dB more sensitivity and the higher crossover gives the Oprhean more headroom and reserve.

The bass (Compact and Ultra) will need a changed filter using some extra passive parts to create a nice 24dB curve towards the Orphean.


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