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by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Saturday, September 08, 2007, 16:45 (5447 days ago) @ Ivo
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Hey Ivo,

The Fitzmaurice horns I am finishing up are Home Theater Tubas. I discussed their suitability for use with Oris 150s with Bill F. in good detail including the fact that I would be crossing them over at 160 Hz with a roll off of 96dB per octave. The electrical roll off is only 78 dB/8vo on the AER MD3s in the Oris 150s. The crossover is done with a DEQX. Bill F. convinced me that these horns were suitable for this application.

I am presently using this crossover configuration with the Klipschorn bass bins and the Oris and I am very pleased with the sound except that I really miss the bottom octave of bass notes.

If I don't like the sound of the Fitzmaurice horns with the Oris 150s I plan to use them in a home theater rig with the main speakers being three way d'Appolito towers which I built using Dynaudio drivers. A 60 Hz crossover will put the Fitzmaurice horns in an application where they should really shine.

If I don't like the Home Theater Tubas with the Oris I still have the Klipschorns as well as a pair of ported woofers of my own design which are of heroic size and construction and use JBL 2245H 18" drivers to which I can fall back.

Don Reid


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