orphean for 220hz high-pass not too small ? (Orphean)

by robmatthew @, Wednesday, June 06, 2007, 15:55 (5541 days ago) @ angeloitacare

Hi, Angelo,
Bruce Edgar has also mentioned that the tractix flare begins to drop around an octave above the design frequency. I find the the ORIS 150 exhibits that kind of roll-off in my system. Therefore, I crossover around 250 Hz with my DEQX controlled set-up. Also, I transition to the Fostex 500AX tweeter around 5k. This gives the system a better top end than that produced by a single driver while also substantially broadening the "sweet spot."

With the DEQX, matters of driver integration (phase, delay, amplitude) are solved. The ORIS, when corrected with the DEQX, becomes a truly wonderful music reproducer (it was already pretty wonderful, of course).



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