orphean for 220hz high-pass not too small ? (Orphean)

by Don Reid, Rural Northwest Georgia, USA, Monday, June 04, 2007, 17:13 (5552 days ago) @ Ivo


I built my first horn loudspeaker of my own design in the spring of 1973. It was a terrible honker but marvelous fun. Since then I've owned horn speakers as well as many other types with the ones I think I enjoyed best before Oris being full range electrostatics. I've continued building speakers often using very expensive components. I've heard many horn speakers including the best offerings from JBL, Klipsch, Altec, TaNoy, etc. When I first put together my Oris 150/AER MD3 combinations I realized that I had finally found something very special wonderful and elusive.

Ivo is exactly right when he says that Bert is a master of assembling the best combination of compromises to achieve a great success. And old saying I've always liked is that you can argue with success, but don't expect to win.

You very much remind me of myself when I was a young man.

Don Reid


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