Klipsch belles with Orpheans (Orphean)

by Ivo, Wednesday, February 28, 2007, 02:46 (5815 days ago) @ Bert

Hi Bert,

According to some it seems to work well using a similar situation (with
Klipsch LaScala as mentioned in a German thread linked below). Hey Ivo,
now it is getting on topic! :wink:

I told you... :grin:

I do have second thoughts about the optimal timing though but the bass
horns are rather short, migth work okay even though it is less optimal.

It is worth noting that the Belle Klipsch is a LaScala, but folded a bit differently. The cabinet is less deep, but the horn itself is still the same length. If you push the Orphean back as far as it goes, then the Belle Klipsch gives more delay than a LaScala. If you align the mouth of the Orphean with the mouth of the bass horn, the delay is the same.

I get large differences in sound when shifting my Lowther horns back and forth on top of my LaScala bass cabinets. Some positions are very nice, some are not... More time delay makes bass a bit fatter and the sound loses some space and reality. The basic character of the horn bass remains, though, so it's dynamic and clean. That should match well. Overall, I think that a good horn with some delay is better than a bad bass system with perfect alignment. I would keep the Belles while you save your money until you know what you want and can afford it.



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