Klipsch belles with Orpheans (Orphean)

by Bert @, Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 19:33 (5816 days ago) @ Anders

Hi Anders,

I am aware of some of the shortcomings of Belles( 50 hz limit etc.) would
there be a lack of transient speed compaired to the Orpheans?

The principle used is speedy enough, transients is about timing too...

In the future i was thinking implementing a dipol eight gradient soulution
much like Rauna loudspeakers have done. Great transient speed and staging.

Nice wall of speakers! That will give plenty of bass and due to the big total cone surface low distortion too. I am not sure if the present position of the panels as shown on the picture are optimal though, my guess this will give one nice BOOM effect (at a few frequencies only that is...).

The big spreading of the cones will make the timing a bit weird though, a huge stage should be expected. Much bigger than "real" and then it is good to have a relative small source filtered pretty low (like the Orphean) to reduce that effect for the better.



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